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Friday, January 15, 2010

Anatomy of a scan: 20 weeks

went in for 20 week anatomy scan ultrasound and to also find out sex of baby!!!! I had been on the fence about finding out as I thought it would be a nice surprise as I would be happy either way(I was thinking it would be nice if Viola had a sister, but a boy would be lovely too...whole different experience). Chad and Viola came with me and the sonographer was lets just say ABRUPT. She seemed to be getting upset that she could not get him to move and she said she could not see his heart because of his position. She then asked me a very strange question "have you been bleeding or spotting"? "No" I said, "is something wrong". She said she saw some blood spots on the placenta. And then told us it was nothing to worry about...........So after a while she said she might not be able to tell the sex of the baby because of his position. I told her not to worry about it as we had a genetic ultrasound on Monday, So we could check all of the stuff she could not see. She gasped and told us rather snippy, "Well that is what this ultrasound is and your insurance company is not going to pay for it". Chad and I talked later at how put off by her we were. She then convinced us that everything was ok, he was measuring fine, and that we could see the genetic specialist at the 28 week appointment.(ironically, my pregnancy did not even last that long). That little tick in my mind told me to keep the monday appointment, but I eventually just cancelled it. Boy do I wish I would have just kept that appointment. You will find out why in the next post.......

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