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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Naked Face Club.....

So here are a couple of pictures of my sweet boy without his famous mustache. He did really well post surgery but they did have to use nitric oxide to get his oxygen down. Right now he is somewhere in the 50s on oxygen and I actually dont remember what his setting are on the vent. Most likely he will be coming home on a vent so I will be re-trained on all of that. Chad and I are going to have a very busy next few weeks as we get trained on all aspects of the trach, how to take it out and put it back in(yes we must push it into that ominous hole in his neck). CPR for trach, how to tie it on, all of the vent settings, cleaning, emergency etc. As long as Thurston does not get an infection, or barring any complications from the surgery we should be home fairly quickly, in about a month or so. I guess if you have been in the hospital for almost a year, a month is actually pretty quick. I remember thinking how a month was a very long time, I remember thinking 4 months was a long time, wow things change. I may not be able to update as often as I like and unless something out of the ordinary happens, I will be busy training and getting ready for my son to come home and preparing our living room to duplicate that of a mini hospital setting. We decided not to put Viola in preschool as it was just too far away and if I didnt have nursing or someone called in sick, I wouldnt be able to pick her up. Just trying to get her to and from the preschool would be very complicated but if Thurston does come home fairly quickly, then she and I can start doing other things like going to the library again, playdates etc. so I am happy about that. Thank you again for all of your encouragement and hanging in there with us and I am still going to continue my thank you post, really there are still many people I need to thank. Take care one and all
Donna, Chad, Viola and of course Thurston


  1. WOW...he is adorable! I wish you the best! Take care!

  2. What a handsome little man! Many prayers and hope headed your way!