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Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart Attack....23 weeks....

So Chad took the day off of work and we drove with Viola to the heart specialist. Thats the thing when you dont have family to help out, ya gatta take your kid everywhere, under the most stressful of circumstances. Yet it has also made us this really strong, tight little unit it has. Kind of like we are all in this life together and we do everything and I mean everything together no matter what. It definitely has made us stronger fer shure!!!!!!
Anyway, the docs office is located downtown so it is a bit of a drive. We walked into the building, and it reminded me of an old Victorian insane assylm. If the circumstances were differnet I would have been enthralled as anyone that knows me knows I love anything from the past, especially 1930s and before but in this case, it was creeping me out. Anyway, the doctor was running late as he had a last minute case at the hospital down the street so we waited, and we waited and we waited......

Finally they called us back into one of the rooms. We waited in there for a while as well. My poor daughter, I thought. She sure is one patient little girl. Finally we were escorted into another room where Chad and Viola were allowed to sit and watch Curious George the cartoon movie. We had never seen it before and Viola actually enjoyed it thank goodness because my examination took the entire movie. And the entire time the doc was doing the ultrasound, he was completely silent......I mean like a silent movie silent, with no orchestra, no organ accompianiment, no cute 1920s cartoon sound effects, painfully quiet. That made me so nervous. He was marking things down, looking and looking over and over again. Finally, as if it was planned as soon as the credits to the movie rolled down he said, "ok I think we are done here, I got what I needed". So with bated breath I looked at him like, "OK tell me everything what is wrong with my babies heart". He told us to go back in the other room and he would talk with us. Tears were pouring down my face. I knew something was wrong. I could feel myself wanting to throw up, my stomach creeping up my esouphogus. We waited patiently again, and finally the doctor came in. I was standing in the corner, leaning up against the wall hoping that it would hold me up when he told us the horrible news. He looked at Chad and then me again and said,"well I looked for a very long time and I was very thourough and i want to let you know that it looks like your sons completely normal". knees buckled, I could feel this unbearable weight suddenly fall off of my shoulders, I started crying, I looked at Chad with happy eyes. The doc explained why the first doctors thought there was a heart defect and said it is very hard to see anything with this low of fluid. He drew us a diagram and everything but assured us that Thurstons heart was normal. Chad and I thanked him and he wanted us to have a follow up appointment in a month. I couldnt believe how relieved I was. I knew that if he did not have a heart defect that the chances of a chromosonal abnormality were also low.
We actually felt like celebrating a little. We knew that there was still something wrong with Thurston but this was a victory, a small victory, but a victory nonethelss. We went to Mohters cafe, our favorite vegetarian restaurant in Austin. we knew we could at least have a somewhat normal weekend now. At least until the next appointment.......

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